Job Status Report

After two weeks of the job search, some progress has been made. I have applied to five of the six companies on my initial list, with varying degrees of activity thereafter.

At FedEx, I applied on their in-house application system, and had an initial interview on the 13th of August. I’m waiting to hear back about a sort-observation/2nd interview.

I sent my resume by email to Coca-Cola August 4th. Still no reply since the automated reciept reply.

I put in an application at Panera Bread August 6th. No word from them.

Also applied at a local Shur-Fine on the 6th. No word from them either.

Stopped by Tickle's deli the 6th, but the job had already been filled.

I filled out an application to work at Outlet Furnishings. Stupid self hasn't dropped this off yet.

So far, I must say, i've done a lot of work, and it is up to these employers to get back to me. I'll have to put in my Outlet app tuesday, and start looking for another group of potential jobs. I beleive that if I'm looking for work, someone will hire me, and if I get comfortable after getting an initial interview, those jobs won't come to fruition. A somewhat irrrational thought, but i'd rather keep looking and be wrong than stop and be stuck at home, jobless by winter.

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