Is this what I was waiting for?

In a sleep deprived state early this morning i thought about very nearly almost practically running back to my old school and seeing if they can let me in this fall. I even looked to see if the classes i need to take to get into the software engineering curriculum were available, and they were if i hurried.

I think it's related to the fact that my brother starts college the end of this month.

Part of why I left college most recently (I really wish there wasn’t a most recently in this sentence) was because I was unprepared for joining the college choir for their italy trip, and didn’t want to face my choir director, who I respected and did not want to disappoint. Also there was a bit of burnout regarding the entry level classes and writing class of doom. But really, if I took advantage of all available resources and kicked butt in the study/homework department I can do a lot better.

Something else that may work in my favor is the fact that my brother is there now. I know him quite well, duh, and can hang out with him and get help from him, and help him. I won’t feel so isolated on campus.

I really really want a bachelor’s degree in computer science. I just can’t get past the prejudice I have against associate degrees.

The biggest stumbling block to going back in my mind is money, and my current lack thereof. i'd need a job, and my dad's ok to work out some more loans

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