Is it October already?

Got my tool mp3’s copied over to the pc from the laptop today. They disappeared from the pc somehow, and I wasn’t sure I still had them on the laptop, but they were there. God! That was a great concert last fall. Today wasn’t all that great, tho. Mom threw off my groove deciding not to do dialysis right as I woke up. Instead of doing the wise thing, and waking up as usual, I just rolled over and slept for 4 more hours. Not a good thing. It seems whenever I sleep until late afternoon, I am in a foul mood, and this was no exception. The phone kept ringing with telemarketers, and just didn’t know what to do with myself.
Scout pizza is much better than first glance makes it appear. Gotta love that comfort food. Got the dog out for a walk too, even. The moon is quite bright, nearly full. Moonshadow is striking to see.
The family bought a Windstar last week. Used, silver ’03, nice. I haven’t driven it yet, but having the old car for personal use will come in handy. Getting the Windstar followed about a week of car mishaps that sorta built up to highlight the need for a new vehicle. I’m working on writing it all down, but as usually happens, it’s taking a long time to write about it all. Oh, well. Also went to the Otters home opener with Debbie, some of her friends and Andrew. Will give that its own entry soon, perhaps.


Job Status Report

After two weeks of the job search, some progress has been made. I have applied to five of the six companies on my initial list, with varying degrees of activity thereafter.

At FedEx, I applied on their in-house application system, and had an initial interview on the 13th of August. I’m waiting to hear back about a sort-observation/2nd interview.

I sent my resume by email to Coca-Cola August 4th. Still no reply since the automated reciept reply.

I put in an application at Panera Bread August 6th. No word from them.

Also applied at a local Shur-Fine on the 6th. No word from them either.

Stopped by Tickle's deli the 6th, but the job had already been filled.

I filled out an application to work at Outlet Furnishings. Stupid self hasn't dropped this off yet.

So far, I must say, i've done a lot of work, and it is up to these employers to get back to me. I'll have to put in my Outlet app tuesday, and start looking for another group of potential jobs. I beleive that if I'm looking for work, someone will hire me, and if I get comfortable after getting an initial interview, those jobs won't come to fruition. A somewhat irrrational thought, but i'd rather keep looking and be wrong than stop and be stuck at home, jobless by winter.


Doing something about it

As a steppingstone to the ultimate goal of going back to school, I’ve started applying for work. I’ve put in applications at the local fedex shipping facility, the coca-cola bottling plant, panera bread, a local supermarket, and have to fill out an app. For a furniture outlet store. This plan of action came about after I discussed with my dad the feelings and thoughts I had about returning to school. He voiced the concerns he had about going right back into a situation that I had trouble with without showing some signs of improving my chances for success. I had to agree that that made sense. The other concern dad raised was money. With my brother going to college this fall, and my lack of personal income, there just wasn’t enough money in the household to put me through school on a full time basis, with my track record. My employment, when and if it comes, would help resolve all these issues.

All in all, this was the best course of action for me to take right now. As much as I would like to go back to school on an emotional level, practically speaking, I am unprepared at the present time. I hope that I’ll be hired in the near future, but the best I can do to help that is to put out as many applications as possible.


Is this what I was waiting for?

In a sleep deprived state early this morning i thought about very nearly almost practically running back to my old school and seeing if they can let me in this fall. I even looked to see if the classes i need to take to get into the software engineering curriculum were available, and they were if i hurried.

I think it's related to the fact that my brother starts college the end of this month.

Part of why I left college most recently (I really wish there wasn’t a most recently in this sentence) was because I was unprepared for joining the college choir for their italy trip, and didn’t want to face my choir director, who I respected and did not want to disappoint. Also there was a bit of burnout regarding the entry level classes and writing class of doom. But really, if I took advantage of all available resources and kicked butt in the study/homework department I can do a lot better.

Something else that may work in my favor is the fact that my brother is there now. I know him quite well, duh, and can hang out with him and get help from him, and help him. I won’t feel so isolated on campus.

I really really want a bachelor’s degree in computer science. I just can’t get past the prejudice I have against associate degrees.

The biggest stumbling block to going back in my mind is money, and my current lack thereof. i'd need a job, and my dad's ok to work out some more loans


Preventing further mental-lockup

Once again, I've permitted myself to bottle things up inside until I was immobilized with worry. So, here begins the releasing of as much as possible the gunk that's taken residence inside my head.

We've gone to war. On the night that the US launched the attack on unnamed 'leadership targets', I was watching the live coverage on cable tv, waiting for the president's address. Just minutes before that address, my neighborhood loses power. After the initial expression of shock amid the pitch-darkness, I, and probably other members of my family, had the panicked thought that the war, and our outage were related, for we live in the Secretary of Homeland Security's hometown. In fact, this outage occurred because many of my neighbors turned on their televisions to hear the Prez speak, and blew out a transformer.

Another personal moment of panic when one of the talking heads behind a desk went to a live report in Kuwait City, where a reporter was holed up in his hotel, reporting from a balcony with a gas mask on, and klaxons warning of an air raid. Going to that reporter, at that time, was sensationalist journalism at its best/worst.

After watching the news coverage on the broadcast networks and the numerous cable-news channels almost religiously the first few days, I've practically turned around 180 degrees, watching only the evening network news report tonight. Of course, I spent much of the day in bed. But that's neither here nor there.

Shifting gears abruptly, I spent much of last week fighting a terrible cold, including hacking cough, rivers of mucus, and bulging sinuses. Thankfully, I'm on the road to recovery this week, and will hopefully be fully recovered by the weekend.

For the current moment, that's what I'm able to get out, perhaps later I'll add more, goodness knows there's so much more I have to say, but first I need to play some web games to distract myself a bit.