Is it October already?

Got my tool mp3’s copied over to the pc from the laptop today. They disappeared from the pc somehow, and I wasn’t sure I still had them on the laptop, but they were there. God! That was a great concert last fall. Today wasn’t all that great, tho. Mom threw off my groove deciding not to do dialysis right as I woke up. Instead of doing the wise thing, and waking up as usual, I just rolled over and slept for 4 more hours. Not a good thing. It seems whenever I sleep until late afternoon, I am in a foul mood, and this was no exception. The phone kept ringing with telemarketers, and just didn’t know what to do with myself.
Scout pizza is much better than first glance makes it appear. Gotta love that comfort food. Got the dog out for a walk too, even. The moon is quite bright, nearly full. Moonshadow is striking to see.
The family bought a Windstar last week. Used, silver ’03, nice. I haven’t driven it yet, but having the old car for personal use will come in handy. Getting the Windstar followed about a week of car mishaps that sorta built up to highlight the need for a new vehicle. I’m working on writing it all down, but as usually happens, it’s taking a long time to write about it all. Oh, well. Also went to the Otters home opener with Debbie, some of her friends and Andrew. Will give that its own entry soon, perhaps.

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