Doing something about it

As a steppingstone to the ultimate goal of going back to school, I’ve started applying for work. I’ve put in applications at the local fedex shipping facility, the coca-cola bottling plant, panera bread, a local supermarket, and have to fill out an app. For a furniture outlet store. This plan of action came about after I discussed with my dad the feelings and thoughts I had about returning to school. He voiced the concerns he had about going right back into a situation that I had trouble with without showing some signs of improving my chances for success. I had to agree that that made sense. The other concern dad raised was money. With my brother going to college this fall, and my lack of personal income, there just wasn’t enough money in the household to put me through school on a full time basis, with my track record. My employment, when and if it comes, would help resolve all these issues.

All in all, this was the best course of action for me to take right now. As much as I would like to go back to school on an emotional level, practically speaking, I am unprepared at the present time. I hope that I’ll be hired in the near future, but the best I can do to help that is to put out as many applications as possible.

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