Round To-its

Been sleeping odd times the last few days, but had what I consider a socially normal night's sleep between 11pm and 8am. Did my usual blog/website sweep with my coffee, then made a ham McMuffin for breakfast. Instead of my usual pattern of continued web surfing and/or streaming tv watching, I got some of my round to-its done this morning; first, I vacuumed the car out, along with wiping out the cup holders (eww!) and the little dust accumulators in the door handles (what else are those things for, anyway?).

Also started poking around with my bicycle, to identify the problem so I can get it looked at professionally. The gears don't shift like they should, and don't always stay where they're shifted to. In order to diagnose what's going on though, I had to put air into the perfectly flat tires. I looked around for the manual pump in the garage, but couldn't find it, methinks my brother's got it at his place, presently.

"No problem!", I say to myself, I'll put my bike in the car and go to the nearby gas station and fill'er up there. No problem, except I don't remember how to lower the back seats in my car. Luckily, I keep the manual in the glove box. Sure enough, there a nice little picture showing where the release levers for the seats are in the trunk. So, seats down, trunk open, I wedge my bike inside, except the trunk isn't tall enough to accept the handle bars/front wheel. I got the bike inside such that the handle bars/front fork are pressed to the edge of the opening and tie in the bike with some string and bungee down the hood, good enough for the short trip, anyway. The bike survived the trip, got air in the tires and is ready for a trip to the doctor, but don't tell it that! :)

Took my bike to the shop, it's getting a full tune-up which includes making sure the shifter cables are properly adjusted, and other related drive train issues. Probably the best bang for my buck since I haven't had a professional tuneup on my bike in probably forever, so that's nice.

Another out of doors stop was to acquire a new coffee maker, since the carafe on my current one just cracked, and the coffee maker I currently use is part of a toaster oven "breakfast machine" combo. It turns out I don't really use the toaster oven like I thought I would, so I graduated to a single function machine. He/she/it is black with chrome accents, and even has a delay timer, so once I have a regular morning schedule, I could prepare my caffeine in the evening and wake up to the excellent aroma of java in the morning.

Also went shopping for some new shirts, since I noticed several of my T's were getting ratty, and also got a few polo shirts for those casual, but not t-shirt casual, times. It seems I timed my shopping well, since the fall season stuff is arriving, and the summer lines are on sale. I even got a Steelers t-shirt that went on sale this very day!

Next, my car's due for inspection this month, and as I was cleaning the car, a few other car maintenance items that need looked at with it made themselves aware to me, nothing that affects the ability to drive, but (for example) I'd like to be able to open/close the driver's side back door window with the switch I've got up front, you know?

So, I feel good that I got up, made a real breakfast, and did some stuff that needed doing. Don't ya just love that feeling?

What's one thing on your "Round To-it" list that you can tackle today, and how did it go?


Toaster4JC said...

So far I've swept the kitchen & bathroom floors. Still need to mop thm & vacuum the other rooms. Maybe dusting &Sorting out items for yard saling. Maybe making some headbands too but all of that is secondary to taking care of Zoe.

Good job getting things done.

Sally said...

Hooray for accomplishments! Yesterday and today I've been working on a photo book that I need to get done to use a free coupon I have. It's sitting at the computer, but for me computer time is a hot commodity.