almost graduated

When I picked up my cap and gown, and graduation announcements at school today, it finally began to sink in that I’ll be graduating in eight days. I mean, yes, I saw the days of the term ticking down on the calendar, and yes, I knew when graduation was, but holding the wrapped and folded gown in my hands was a tangible sign that the graduation is almost here, it’s not just a day on the calendar. I’m still stressed out about how much I still have to do with my COBOL program, but I’ve gotten all of my other homework done; all that I have left are chapter tests in SQL and systems analysis, and a final in tech writing. By approximately 7 pm Thursday, December 15, I will have received my diploma for an Associates’ Degree in Specialized Business, with a concentration in computer systems. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, I’m still too involved with classes to look at life after graduation, but that will come, I’m sure.

Looking back, the past two years began with a new year’s resolution to go back to school, with my first class in February of 2004. I wanted the practical education from an associates’ degree that I could get in two years’ time, without all the enriching classes and extra time of a four year degree. I would like a bachelor’s degree or higher in computers, but I wanted to take a step that would get me into the programming world in as short a time as possible, to ensure that was what I really wanted to do. I’ve learned a lot about programming, what I enjoy doing, and what I do not, and I look forward to working and honing my skills. My ultimate goal is still a job in the gaming industry. I’m not there yet, but I am much closer than I was.

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