checking in on myself

The past week and a half to two weeks have been exciting on the weather front, with temperatures dropping into the single digits, heavy snow and winds dumping a good bit of snow, and when it wasn’t snowing, one day I woke up to freezing rain and a serious layer of ice to scrape off the car. Having the sun out and temps in the twenties for a change helped clear the roads quite a bit, so I’m ok with the weather for now.

School’s zipping right along, with week four wrapping up Thursday. I’m taking classes in C++, business communications, HTML, Excel, and advanced Visual Basic. I’m really soaking up all these programming languages, and the web course is tempting me to take the Web Development degree program after I finish my Programming degree.

I’ve been opening myself u and talking a bit more to a few people that are in my classes, but the guy I was talking the most with had to withdraw this semester. Hopefully, he’ll be back for spring term.

My desire to try to meet some more new people from online has been waning, enough so that I’ve completely stopped chatting with someone I began emailing a couple weeks before Christmas. I think I need to get some help getting over my fear of talking to people, and gaining confidence in myself so I’m not so afraid of rejection.

Maybe tomorrow, when I’m rested, I can put my thoughts on the Steelers’ collapse, and the Otters’ schizophrenic playing style into words, but that’ll have to wait for now.

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