Creating a Paper Trail in the Snow

So…Yes. The term is ending Wednesday, and I’m writing my final government paper tonight that’s due tomorrow morning. This will be (I’m fairly certain) the first multi-page paper I’ll actually complete for a college class. So, that’s good. I’m just afraid that I’m quoting a bit too directly and will get an F for the course for plagiarizing. I’m not really able to care that much, because it’s only a business school, and I’m hoping standards may be a bit lower than a state University. I’m a pretty good writer, but I need to balance having something to turn in
against doing my best not to plagiarize. I’m fairly certain that I have enough extra credit points in this class to offset the two zeros on the papers. Anyway, it’s an elective class, so that’s enough of that one.

In my programming class, I’ve got no clue what the final’s going to be like. My teacher set no due dates for programming assignments, and didn’t follow a schedule for the class at all. It’s going to be either creating a new program, modifying a working program, or fixing a broken program. We didn’t do any fixing broken programs per se before, so I don’t know.

We ended up only spending about two weeks on the last chapter, when the previous ones got at least three weeks. I could probably get the gist of whatever programming we have to do, but am I sure that what I do will be mistake free? Absolutely not. This is my first programming language course, and I could have used a bit more structure in my teaching environment to feel comfortable.

Over the weekend, I complained to my brother that we hadn’t seen appreciable amounts of snow yet this year, so what happens last night? Lake effect snow moves in, dumping near a foot
of snow by my house, well over that much not far away. Digging my car out after class and then
shoveling the driveway was not quite the welcome to winter I would have liked. So, my fingers are cramping, and I need to add a few more paragraphs to my paper, so, time to go.

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